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Success Stories

I told Jenae I hoped everyone would leave with one good idea. I have 2-1/2 pages!

Gregg Boersma
Eastern US Ad Director
Power & Motoryacht
(6th largest magazine in U.S.)

$ $ $ $ $

In this down economy, thanks to you, we had our biggest week in five years. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't of done it. You're right. We can let everyone else commoditize themselves while we sell on rate card without discounting. Jenae, you are a gift to us from God.

Jeff & Cheryl Morey
Nursery Retailer

$ $ $ $ $

Common sense approach to selling. You have great passion about sharing your methods of selling! It was good to hear some added values.

Mary Shannon Mullowney
Account Manager
Industrial Fabrics Association

$ $ $ $ $

You made me excited to sell again! This was the best presentation of all the sessions. Your are experienced, offer expert advice, are credible, down to earth and enthusiastic. The information was simple and broken down to apply to many different sales situations.

Kristin E. Fisher
Account Exec
BusinessPeople Magazine

$ $ $ $ $

Very detailed. No fluff. Very, very good! Thank you! What I'll take from this will pay for the event easily in increased revenue from my reps THIS ISSUE.

Donna McNeill
VP Group Publisher
Brunico Communications

$ $ $ $ $

You presented more great ideas in an hour than I have ink in my pen!

Peter Roos
Publishing in Paradise

Webinars - Getting In & Getting Appointments AND Successful First Calls

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Effective Advertising Sales Training & Consulting

Discover What Einstein Knows About
Multi-Media Sales Training Success

Einstein defined "insanity" as doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results.

Now think about your sales approach. And the results you're getting. If Einstein were you, would he continue doing what you're doing, or would he seek a more effective approach?

Well, do Albert one better. Achieve a higher degree of success and make it stress free! It's all right here for you. Right now. With Stress-Free Advertising Sales® Training Programs.

Your Stress-Free Selling® Training Program is customized to give you meaningful, immediately-useable content in a dynamic, impactful presentation. In fact, the programs work so well that novice and experienced sales people actually make sales during training breaks! They simply can't wait to put their new skills to work.

"I realized I haven't really been selling, yet I haven't ever done anything else. Stress-Free Selling® is so much more natural. It just makes sense. I can't believe I haven't been doing it all these years!"

J. Cooke, ($100,000+/year IC sales Rep)
"Jenae WORKS! With her tactics, I upgraded ad size and frequency and sold on rate card... even after he asked for a discount. And he's thanking me for the advice."

Marisa Shoemaker, Brantwood Publications, (Novice sales Rep)

Now that you're an Einstein...

Consider the following programs and determine which ones, if not all, will make the biggest, most immediate impact on your sales.

Stress-Free Ad Sales
When sales people skip steps, they miss sales and wonder why. Stop the wondering! Without meaning to, sales people create the obstacles which delay or prevent sales from happening. Concerned with making a sale… read more

Non-Traditional Stress-Free Selling®®
99 free and inexpensive tactics that increase sales and make renewals easy. Do you have enough time to visit all your Prospects and Customers as often as you like? I don't know anyone who does. Other than… read more

Stress-Free Writing
Write letters and proposals that sell. Strong letters and proposals facilitate sales. How do you know if yours are effective? Do Prospects avoid you after receiving your correspondence?... read more

Stress-Free Ad Design™ for advertising Sales Reps
If you're thinking, "I'm a sales person. Why do I need to know how to write or design ads, " your training has just started. Think about this... What happens when ads aren't effective? Your magazine is called "ineffective," and Advertisers cancel. Conversely, when you truly partner with your clients, including on an ad-effectiveness level, sales increase - as do your Client relationships... read more

One-0n-One Coaching
If your're thinking, "Forget the theory, help me with my challenges, this is the perfect program for you. In this program, you discover real solutions for real problems. When we're finished with our call, you have an action plan for specific Prospects, clients and a new approach for others you've have difficulty doing business with... read more

Stress-Free Selling® Sales Training Works. World Class athletes, respected business leaders and successful individuals in every field train and practice effectively, efficiently and continuously to reach their pinnacle of success. And when they make it to the top, they keep learning, training and practicing to stay there.  Once is not enough, so...

When Your Training's Over, It's Not Over.

Change, even the most effective, positive change - like Stress-Free Selling® Advertising Sales Training - needs reinforcement to become habit.

That's why I provide a free, Value-Added Program with Stress-Free Sales Training. When your sales team completes the onsite training program, your follow-up program begins. The onsite presentation is only the beginning.  To insure results, choose a presenter who stays with you so new tactics are incorporated and your sales grow faster.

For up to two months after training, you and your sales team receive email reinforcing reminders that  pinpoint key sales concepts and methods from your training program. The emails are short, so they're a quick, easy read. This effectively emphasizes and ingrains the training, making it second nature.

Weekly 60 minute tele-seminars or webinars are also available. These stimulating calls help you and your team overcome real-time challenges, maintain drive and provide on-going, solid solutions.

Your goal is increased sales. Your way of achieving that goal is Stress-Free Selling.®

That's why successful publishers think the smart choice is Stress-Free Selling® Sales Training.

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