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In this down economy, thanks to you, we had our biggest week in five years. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done it. You're right. We can let everyone else commoditize themselves while we sell on rate card without discounting. You are a gift to us from God.

Jeff & Cheryl Morey
Nursery Retailer

$ $ $ $ $

You presented more great ideas in an hour than I have ink in my pen!

Peter Roos
Publishing in Paradise

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Write Letters & Proposals that Sell

Do your letters & proposals get responses?

Most sales people spend a lot of time chasing Advertisers who don't accept or return their calls. It's frustrating, and it seriously crimps the sales process. When you write to sell, you get in and sales are easier.

Most letters and emails are self-centered; so they don't inspire and motivate the Prospect to pick up the phone and call you.

"Jenae is a natural! She delivers with energy, enthusiasm and confidence. I received a ton of pertinent, new material. I can't wait to get back to the office!"

Michelle Campbell, Salt Lake City CVB Guide

Topics Covered

  • 8 strategies to insure every piece you write is read
  • 9 methods to create compelling openings that draw Prospects in and avoid the round file
  • 12 tips to create confidence... and desire
  • Check list to assure letters, emails and proposals are optimal

Apply these tactics to your proposals, emails and letters, and watch sales grow... stress-free.

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